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"In my opinion once Jughead hits the market most other teaser heads will become obsolete."

Don't roll your bait....swim it with Jughead Bait Holders!

Jughead is designed to be trolled by itself. You can attach Jughead to a flasher or dodger but it is not necessary. Jughead swims your bait or lures incredibly well at trolling speeds of 2.5 to 3.5+ mph. Jughead simply makes the bait look alive! The most effective flasher to use with a Jughead is an inline flasher. See the photo below of an inine flasher.

Using Jugheads With Strip

One of the most effective ways to use a Jughead with bait is by using strip. We usually use herring but anchovy, squid strips, ballyhoo, alewife or any other baitfish appropriate to where you are fishing should work just fine! For herring...Take a large herring 7 inches or so that has been lightly brined. A few hours in some salt or Pro Cure and fillet it as you would any other fish. The brine will just toughen up the bait slightly however you still need it to be flexible to get the right swimming motion. You will get 2 fillets from one herring and you can cut up to 6 pieces of strip from 1 herring depending on what size of head you are using. 6 pieces usually works for size small. The action of the strip in the Jughead is fantastic. You can troll this with or without a flasher. Personally we like to use sizes small and medium but if there is large bait in the water then by all means cut a piece big enough to fit in a large or XL head. Taper the strip so that it fits perfectly in the size head you are using and then taper it to the bottom. Anywhere from 4.5-5 inches for a small Jughead and 5 to  inches for a medium. Use a cork screw to make the toothpick holes slightly larger if you are using bigger toothpicks to secure your bait. We also like to add eyes to the Jughead to give it a more realistic touch. The set up for this method is quite simple. Put your line through the the middle hole in the bill of thee Jughead and through the bottom hole at the back of the Jughead. Use a bead between the Jughead and the bottom hole. Tie an overhand knot and then loop your 4/0 hook on the line. Stay tuned for more info on this technique as it is turning out to be an absolute killer method for using Jugheads. Go to the video tab to see a video of the Jughead trolling the strip.


The action the Jughead gives the herring strip is fantastic!

Jughead Shaker using Herring strip

A Nice 20lbs Chinook using a small Jughead and Herring Strip.

Try using different size baits in each Jughead. There are 5 sizes to choose from. See the chart below to see which size Jughead you require. If you are using frozen bait it should be totally thawed for Jughead to swim it effectively. Cold bait will naturally be a little stiff but once in the water it will thaw and swim the bait. You will notice that your bait will last a lot longer this way. You do not need to brine your bait for use with Jughead. If you have brined bait put it in fresh water for about 20 minutes and the bait should lose most of the stiffness and be ready to use with a Jughead. Use your bait right out of the package and keep it on ice for prolonged periods of fishing if you would like to brine your bait Pro Cure works very well and will still allow the bait to swim. There are multiple ways to set up your Jughead. You can use tandam hooks, treble or a single hook. If you are using a single hook let the hook trail underneath the bait. It will move up to the underbelly of the bait once you start to troll. If you still want to use a flasher give your bait a 5 foot to 6 foot leader. This leader length applies to all baits you attach to a Jughead Shaker. If you are using tandam hooks please refer to the photo below on how to rig your bait.

Jughead works great with baitfish but the possibilities are endless. Try Jughead in front of rubber baits, hoochies, needlefish, bulb squid, cuttlefish squid, flies, streamers, etc. Use different size hooks, beads, swivels...experiment. Jughead was designed to improve your chances of hooking into more fish. Have fun with it and good luck! Jughead makes your baits look alive!

Jughead are available in packs of 3 for small, medium and large and 2 packs for XL Jugheads. We also sell the pre rigged  Jugheads for bait if you don't want to tie your own. Other items include pre rigged Hoochies with Jugheads and Kajiki Squid Jughead lures that are ready to use. All the products are available under the "Buy Jugheads" tab above.

TIP: If you are using large toothpicks and are having trouble getting them throught the holes on the Jughead take a corkscrew and twist it in the hole to enlarge it. This is a very simple way to increase the hole size.



Here is what the finished product should look like from the instructions above when rigging your bait with a treble and a stinger hook. Keep the treble hook close to the Jughead so the bait can swim in the water.


Inline flashers provide less drag on your line but you still get the benefits of the flasher. These have proven to be extremely effective with Jughead Hoochies and Jughead with bait combinations. The photo above is a deadly combination.


 Jughead Shaker Bait rig set up

Everything you need to set up your bait when using the single hook method.


Jughead Shaker Anchovy bait holder 

Place the bait inside the Jughead and secure it through the set of holes with a toothpick and you are ready to fish. Jughead will swim your bait like it's alive. No brine required you want the natural swimming action. 5 to 6 foot leader on a flasher if you want to use one. You do not set the hook. The hook will trail under the bait as you troll. If you are fishing without a flasher using downriggers use 15 to 30 feet of lenght from the down rigger cable.



Some other Jughead options... 

Here is a variety of custom Jughead Hoochies using our 3D molded eyes and various colour hoochies with mylar inserts. These are extremely effective with a 6 foot leader and an inline flasher.



Credit to Mike Cummings for coming up with this idea. This is an 8 inch strip of salmon belly in a large UV clear Jughead. Mike used it to catch Halibut and Lingcod with great succes but to his surprise he also caught 2 x 20lb Chinook Salmon. We have since tested this method and within 10 minutes we had our first fish a 12b coho. We later used it to catch multiple species of salmon and bottom fish. Thanks to Mike for sharing this highly effective technique using salmon belly strip with Jugheads.


A custom tied Jughead Hoochie with molded eyes 2 octopus beak ultra sharp hooks, double glow hoochie skirt and a small glow Jughead with 6 feet of 40lb leader line.

Large Jughead Shaker Bait Holder with a 7 inch Herring

A large UV Jughead with a 7 inch herring. If you are using herring we find the second set of holes works best when securing the bait with a toothick. This is the single hook set up. Also try using the treble hook set up as well.



A 5 inch transluscent squid with a medium UV pearl white Jughead.

Jughead Shaker Leach Combo

Green Glow Jughead Hoochie Lure

Hoochies work extremely well with Jugheads. The action Jughead gives the hoochie is incredible compared to the perpetual rolling action you get without using a Jughead. Jughead makes your hooochie come alive!

Jughead bucktail lure




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