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Jughead Shaker tournament winner

Mark with a beautiful Chinook caught using a Blue/ Green Glow Nano Jughead Squirt lure.

Chinook Salmon caught with Jughead Shaker fishing lures.

A beautiful Chinook/King salmon on a Green Spatterback Glow Jughead Hoochie


A nice King/Chinook caught by Josh using a Medium UV Clear Jughead Bait Holder and a 5.25 inch anchovy.


Rory with a nice 15lb Chinook salmon caught off of the South End of Bowen Island in B.C. with a Ultra Violet Glow Blue/Green Nano Squirt Rig.

Fishing guide Bill Von Brendal with a nice Jughead Shaker caught Chinook Salmon

Guide Bill Von Brendal wih a nice Chinook Salmon caught on a UV Jughead hoochie combo in Nanaimo, B.C.

Nathan from Pacific Net and Twine with a Chinook caught using Jughead Shaker fishing lures

Thanks to Nathan for sending this photo of a nice Chinook caught using a Glow Hoochie Jughead Shaker fishing lure.

Mike with a nice King Salmon caught using a Jughead Shaker fishing lure

Mike with a nice King Salmon caught using a Jughead Shaker Chartreuse glow hoochie.

Tuna caught using Jughead Shaker bait holders

Tuna Time with JugTurd!! Blair sent us these photos of a successful day using Jugheads fishing for Albacore Tuna in Bamfield B.C.

In his words...Yes we used several turd hootchies.. We coined the set up a jugturd!! Rigged with medium glow and uv purple Jugheads.. 4' leader with a 2 ounce weight.. They were really effective in the spread when we slowed down and they acted like swim baits.. Getting hook ups on it both full speed trolling at 7 mph right down to 3.5-5 mph when r...etrieving other fish.. During carking we found 5" purple/browny squid in the guts.

For two seasons now we have used them effectively, and believe they help with multi hook ups as they worked at speed and during a slow down..

We 24 then went out with another deck hand and did 34! Plugged the boat, with the Jugturds making up for 1/3 of our hook-ups.

This was rigged with a glow holder in a medium size Jughead .. We were using 60-80lb test so the hole was enlarged easily with spinning a filet knife tip in the hole.. Two 6 gami hooks set up like a standard tandem hootchie or a double tuna hook.. Made no difference in the way it ran or hooked up as the tuners were trying to swallow it.. Hook set back in the tenticles.


 Caught using Jughead Bait Holders...thanks for the picture Don!

A special thank you to everyone for their reviews and photos. Submit your Jughead pictures and we will send you more Jugheads!

Jughead Shaker wins Arrow Lake fishing derby! Congrats to Jason and thanks for sharing the photos.



 Thanks to Rodney for sending this testimonial out to us:

I found out about the Jughead Shakers at an annual sportsman show and was given some to try. The action they give a hootchie and fly is incredibly life like! Whether I’m guiding for Rainbows, Lakers or Bull Trout they have consistantly put more fish in my boat. Give them a try, I know you won’t be dissapointed!

Rodney Hennig, Rodney’s Reel Outdoors

Offering Guided Fly fishing and Fishing Charters in the Okanagan Valley since 2006. Join us on one of our fishing trips and Catch a Memory Today!

Thanks to Warren for sending us this picture. He caught this 32 lbs Chinook salmon off Rosa Island in Nootka Sound. Warren used a medium Jughead with an anchovy. He used a dummy flasher off the downrigger and attached the Jughead and bait directly to his main line. Great photo Warren.

Tyee salmon caught using a Jughead Shaker

Thanks to Ryan for sending this to us. A 22lb salmon caught on a Jughead hoochie lure at the Port Alberni Salmon Derby in September.


Keith sent this one to us of a 20lber he caught just off the north arm of the Fraser River with a UV clear Large Jughead with a 6 inch herring.


Below is Tin Ainsley with a 20lbs Chinook he caught using our medium UV clear Jughead and a 5 inch anchovy. Thanks for the photo Tim!



Elliot sent this photo to us of one of many Coho's he caught using a clear medium Jughead with a clear turd squid. Thanks for the photo Elliot.



"Fished bamfield last week and the jughead on a white hootchie was by far the best producer.  It got the attention of a small coho in the first half minute of the trip!  Jughead steadily produced the most fish and the largest fish of the trip 24lb spring."

Rob from Maple Ridge, B.C.

 24lb Salmon caught with Jughead bait holder

"Just back from Winter harbour and had Sterling results from extra large Jugheads for ling and Hali. Used 8 inch mature herring from this years spawning- let the front hook dangle -threaded another large hook loosely through the herring and then stuck it out the side much like the rear hook on a cutplug. Made sure the line wasn't tight so that the herring could "swim " like the jug is meant to do. Trolled very slowly keeping contact to 5 ft or so above bottom-It was without a doubt the best action I have ever had in bottom fishing-not the biggest but the most action. We ran out of herring!!! I had used this same Juggie with the double hook set-up with squid tentacles in Baja with good results-so had salmon belly strip for bait-cut a strip about 9 inches long to fit in the Juggie and all hell broke loose-we released 2 large Springs (20 ish) we were limited.  Got lots of lings and a limit of hali's all in 160 ft of water from Lippy point in a slow troll to the lighthouse."

Mike Cummings


Thanks to Sarah for sending this picture to us of her first ever salmon and it was a 32lb Tyee! She caught using a Jughead Shaker just outside of French Creek. Nice work Sarah!

Tyee salmon on a Jughead Shaker

"These fish were caught in Nootka Sound Jun 26th using an xtra large Jughead with
a 6 inch Pearl glow wench hoochy 'twin 5/0 gammagatsu hooks and stuffed with an
anchovy, Caught by Mike Cummings (Spring Fever) Comox B.C. photo taken by roger
Thanks for the great photo Mike!

Extra Large Jughead with a 7 inch Squid Lure


Derek Hardy sent us this photo of his wife Linda holding one of two fish she caught using a UV Clear Jughead rigged up with a white hoochie. They won the Jugheads in a fishing derby and decided to give them a try. Linda was glad she did! Thanks for sharing the photo guys!

UV Clear Jughead Shaker hoochie fishing lure 


Devin caught this 19lb Chinook on one of our pre-rigged Green Spatterback Hoochie fishing lures. Thanks for the photo Devin!

Green Spatterback Jughead Hoochie Fishing Lure


These photos were sent to us from David Murphy of Murphy Sportfishing. 2 nice Salmon caught using a small Jughead Shaker and needlefish combination. The fish were 15lbs and 18bs. Thanks for the photos David. Fishing buddies Stan Faas with the red jacket and Bob Crooke getting it done in the blue coat. Same lure 2 different fish.

Jughead Shaker Catches fishBob Crooke cayches a Salmon using Jughead Shaker fishing lure


 "We went out fishing at Porlier Pass this morning.  Used 2 jughead rigs with anchovies on flashers.  The wind and waves were bad and we couldn't stay out long, but fortunately literally 30 seconds after dropping our gear had a nice bite, reeled in a big chinook, green spatterback medium jughead.  The waves chased us very soon after, but thanks to the jughead it wasn't a wasted trip." 

Keith Olson (Steve Fitzpatrick in the picture below)
Jughead Bait Holder


Marte Sandferd just sent this one to us below: "Trolling Small Jughead Cop Car Hoochie, grants reef, 20lbs weighed, biggest of 8 fish landed that day, love the action jug head gives to the hoochie, troll it fast!"

Thanks for the photo Marte!



"We were fishing off of Thrasher in about 800 feet of water and this guy was
taken at 167 on a green glow Jughead Hootchie. The
Jughead hootchie enticed half of our bites that evening and was responsible for the
biggest fish of the outing. A great day and fantastic new addition to the
arsenal! Looks like a new staple for the tackle box to me! "


A nice salmon caught on a green glow Jughead Shaker Hoochie lure


Ted Storie sent this photo in from his vessel the "Liquid Limo" A nice Salmon caught on a Jughead Shaker Cop Car Squid Lure at Grant's Reef. Great catch Ted!

A 25lb Salmon caught with a Jughead Shaker Cop Car Squid Lure


Jack got this beauty below in Nanaimo.  He used a Nano Jughead Needlefish combo with a Kite Tail flasher 24lbs was the weight in. Nice fish Jack and thanks for sharing.

A 24lbs Salmon caught on a Jughead Shaker bait holder


"My Jughead was down for only ten minutes when it was enhaled by this 12 pounder."

Caught with a Jughead Shaker Army Truck Hoochie Lure.

Clyde Wicks Nanaimo (Hot Rods) 



Dear Jugheads,

"I put in on my line dropped it down on my  downrigger hit the bottom and BAM for the next 2 hours I couldn't keep the fish off of me!!!! Lingcod killer, greenling, cod,  I had to stop because I was to tired  I needed a brake!!! Sweating up a storm... I would put it down it would hit the bottom brought it back up 4 feet or so and FISH ON!!  Every time!!!!  Oh yes halibut too with no flasher !!! I haven't got a chance to use anything else that I had purchased yet . I spent the last 2 days of the halibut opener catching  every eatable bottom fish!!!"
"I love this thing  Thank you for making something  that works on any and all fish!!!" 
MAHALO David Madeiros "The  Hawaiian"  HANAPAA!!!!!

Oak Harbour, Washington

Jughead Shaker fishing lure


"This approximately 40 lb Dorado was caught by Wendy Cummings of comox B.C in Los Barriles Baja. Caught using an extra large Jughead with a Humboldt squid tentacle ( About 10 inches long) double hook set-up. 6 ft leader ,no flasher of course-behind a 2 oz banana weight at approx. 41/2 mph."

Submitted by Mike Cummings Comox B.C.

Dorado caught using a Jughead Shaker


Hey there,
I will be guiding in the charlottes, leaving may 24th, love the baitholders, can't begin to tell you how much better these are than rhys davis teaser heads. I will be sending some photos!

Oliver Massey (Guide)


This photo below came from Rusty's Guide Service. Rusty bought a few Jugheads to try out on the Columbia River but couldn't wait to try them out. Rusty then decided to throw one on a line and headed for the nearest body of water and hooked a 4lb trout using a Medium Glow Jughead with a herring. Nice work Rusty looking forward to seeing the Salmon pictures!



The picture below was sent in by Ross P he caught this using Jugheads at Porteau Cove. 4 fish in total all on Jughead bait holders. Thanks for the pic Ross!



"The Jughead out fished all other lures four to zip they may be outlawed soon." 




"Tried Jughead out of Sooke today, for the first time. It out fished the green/white Coho Killer 2-to-1!!! Dumby flasher off the cannon ball, white Juggy with a white hootchie. It was great to have something to put that kind of action on a hootchie and fish with no flasher! Only out for 3hrs, but pretty much non-stop springs and wild coho. Thanks for coming up with this cool new product."  

 007 Victoria, B.C.




"Really like the look of these Jugheads, the action is UNREAL!"





"I'm going to throw a hissy fit if I don't get the one that holds the anchovy soon...... I've got several things in mind for them......"

"IMO once the The Jughead hits the market most other teaser heads will become obsolete."  

Seafever, Qualicum Beach, B.C.




Yesterday's trip I decided to try something different and it seem to pay off.
I forgot to load my bait tub up and arrived with only 8 chovies so I had to come up with something else I could fish but I couldnt bring myself to fish the jughead with one of my few chovies
I fished a traditional chovie/teaser on a 60" leader with a flasher on one side and on the other side I fished this squid/jughead on a 60" leader with the same colour flasher, both lines I fished the same depth to keep all things equal for the test.
The squid/jughead combo landed a pink and 17# spring + had one fish drop off after a pretty good run
The chovie/teaser caught 2 sharks, 3 undersize and had one fall off after a good run
Both times the fish were dropped I was confident the fish on were springs at least in the teens, but........?
For me that day proved that the Jughead is something that deserves equal time in the water with any of the traditional bread and butter rigs.

"I think I might have found my new bread and butter lure LOL"                                            

Sr SQ, Campbell River, BC



 JUGHEAD Results from Rivers Inlet trip (Condensed)

"Hey Everyone,

 "...All in all we (Stu and I) managed to catch 3 nice Red springs 23, 25 and 26 lbs, a hundred and five Coho's from 8-15 lbs in 3 afternoons and one 2 hour period this morning, as well as getting both our halibut the first afternoon we were there.

The guides that tried the Jugheads had the same results, and even they changed over to the Jugheads from how they had been fishing with their methods.

So there you have it, the Jughead's performance was spectacular, and YES these numbers are 100% accurate as we did keep track of all fish caught.

One last note......Up until this point in my life I have never asked my guide to stop for a few minutes so I could take a break from catching fish because my arm need a break.....But, as bad as that sounds, I actually did once on this trip.

...It's very rare that you find something that works as advertised (like I saw in the Videos...) or in my opinion even better than advertised. Cheers Everyone!"

http://www.sportfishingbc.com/forum/showthread.php?24960-JUGHEAD-Results-from-Rivers-Inlet-trip For the full version click here.

 Feeling Nauti, Vancouver, BC


"Went out for coho yesterday as posted on the Victoria thread.  I knew exactly what I was going to use.   JUGHEADS!!!  (hootchies)  They performed awesome as the first rod popped before the other was down. 7 coho in just over an hour."

Jacob's Ladder, Victoria


Jeff caught this tasty fellow at 120 feet deep using a small UV Jughead and a 5 inch anchovy.

Jeffy West Coast







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