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So we took a small Jughead and decided to use herring strip. We had the first fish on in about 8mins! Check out the action above.

Above is a short underwater clip of a Coho salmon smashing an anchovy in a UV Clear Jughead.

"Jughead Small, No Hooks" video was sent to us from a customer that tested Jugheads in Kyuquot Sound in July, 2013, without bias. The same Hoochie with the same flasher were used on the same day in the same fishing area. The video demonstrates how Jughead Shaker swims your bait or lure and replicates the action of a fleeing baitfish.

As you will see, the shaking and dodging action that is created by Jughead triggers multiple strikes from every fish. Even without scent, predator fish cannot resist the pursuit of Jughead.

This video also shows a Hoochie without Jughead and how it simply follows the flasher in a perpetual, corkscrew motion. Although this motion will give predatory fish a "rolling target", it is not nearly as effective as a "fleeing target".

 The video says it all. Enjoy!




It's a double!! 2 Rods, 2 Fish, caught on 2 Jugheads at the same time...enjoy!






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